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About Ben Moody

Ben Moody II, born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 22, 1980. From 1996 to October of 2003, he played lead guitar for the rock band Evanescence, a band that he formed while in high school. He is present on the albums Evanescence EP, Sound Asleep EP, Origin, and the band's major label debut, Fallen. Ben plays a Jackson DKMG Dinky and a Jackson SLSMG Soloist. He worked on the track "Nobody's Home" on Avril Lavigne's sophomore record, Under My Skin, and wrote and recorded the track "The End Has Come" for The Punisher film soundtrack. He also collaborated with David Hodges and Kelly Clarkson on Clarkson's most recent album, Breakaway.

Ben is currently working on a feature film, titled Zombies Ate My Mom, with his startup movie company Makeshift Films. He also has a cameo, and worked on the soundtrack to, the new film Resident Evil: Apocalypse. In addition, he has recently finished recording his solo debut, Can't Regret What You Can't Remember and set to be released early 2006.

Most recently he has collaborated with singer Anastacia on the song "Everything Burns," which was featured on the soundtrack of the film Fantastic Four in 2005.

As well as the Jackson DKMG and SLSMG models, Moody has also been known to play two Jackson USA Series guitars, the SLATQH Soloist and the DK1 Dinky. He also has played an ESP F-400FM LTD guitar.

There are a few facts that have been revealed recently about Ben's departure. He has recently admitted to going to rehabilitation for drug abuse and bipolar disorder. It's not unlikely that was one of the reasons he no longer got along with the band.

A detailed article regarding his split with the band, and his upcoming solo career, can be read here and here.

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