Gerrit's Nifty Utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000

GAKView View entire directories of images. Show up to 10 images per screen with any layout you desire. Browse file structure for images or simple do a slideshow of a directory. Capability also built in to set up default directories to move files to along with being able to rename each one as it is moved or as desired.
GAKLaunch Launch program to put in StartUp to choose exactly which applications will start up each time you log in.  Great for mobile laptop users who need to set up their network settings before all network applications load.
GAKArchive XCopy front-end interface for specifying which directories to backup onto a server or alternate directory on your file system.  Great for laptop users on a network with a Server File System which is backed up.
AQStart The Quickest Configuration Editor for Action Quake.  Features include current configuration parsing, multiple configurations, script management, map rotations, map lists, duplication map detection, and support for mods such as BW-Admin, 3-Team, GameSpy, AQSkinView, and MD2View.
Application Add-Ons
Yahoo! Messenger Skins Background images and online indicators for Yahoo Messenger.
Tetrinet Skins Background images for playing on Tetrinet.

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