Gerrit's Action Quake Utilities

Download AQStart v1.3.2.2 (4.2MB)
Released Friday, May 19, 1999 at 5:20pm PST
The Quickest Configuration Editor for Action Quake
Current Configuration Parsing
(Grabs YOUR current settings)
Multiple Configuration Support
Script Management
Map Rotation Management
Map List Management
PAK file parsing for maps

Duplicate map detection
MOTD Editing
Full DM Flag Support
BW-Admin Support
3-Team Mod Support
Game Spy Information

AQSkinView Support
MD2View Support
Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Quake 2
Action Quake 2 v1.51+

3-Team Action

Thanks for Quality Assurance to:
Martin Vlach

Seth C Short

Note: None of the URL links will work on your system if you are not running Windows 98.  Just fire up a browser and copy the URL.

This program has been tested on at least eight different computers running Windows 95/98 and one running Windows NT. It would be appreciated if those who have problems could please send mail to ASAP so any problems can be fixed. Any suggestions are encouraged as this utility may be incomplete and has only been tested by amateur server ops.
  I especially need people to test out the BW-Admin, 3-Team Mod, and Windows 2000 compatibility.

AQStart v1.0
AQStart v1.2

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