Gerrit's Nifty Vax Cluster Utilities

HYSTERIA* Interactive Multiplayer Games
(Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Othello, Stratego)
PLACE* Location/Friends List Program
APRILFOOL Silly Error Messages
VTLOCK Black Cat's VT-Lock Program (User Guide)
NEWMAIL Quick list of your NEWMAIL folder
CALL Use PHONE without knowing where the user is
CMP Compress the Notebook and Mail
DIRSIZE Look at the size of all of your directories
FREE Show how much free space you have
FUNNY Practical joke to make it look like your account is gone
NOTES Update notes in the background
PIC E-mail/MSG people ASCII pictures
PN Process Name Program
PID Show your Processes
PROMPT Make your prompt like a DOS prompt
REMINDER Be reminded of important dates
SETPLAN Set permissions on your account to see your plan

HELP: How to setup EXE and COM files on the RIT VAX Cluster.

* These are the only two programs that I wrote.
All the rest are copied and/or modified with permission.

Note: This was all written for the RIT VAX Cluster and may not work on your system.

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