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The Chanukah Song (III)
Performed by Adam Sandler

"Ladies and Gentlemen: The Dradelles!"

Put on your yarmulke
It's time for Chanukah
Once again it's Chanukah
The miracle of Chanukah

Sandler: "Not bad, It's incredible to be back here, thank you"

Chanukah is the festival of lights
One day of presents
Hell no, we get the eight crazy nights
But if you still feel like the only kid in town
Without a Christmas tree
I guess my first two songs didn't do it for you
So here comes number three

Ross and Phoebe from Friends say the Chanukah blessing
So does Lenny's pal Squiggy and Will & Grace's Debra Messing
Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon never mixed pig with dairy
Maybe they should have called that show
Little Kosher House on the Prarie

We got Jerry Lewis
Ben Stiller and Jim Landa
Tom Arnold converted to Judaism
But you got to have him back
Just in time

We may not get to kiss underneath the mistletoe
But we can do it all night long with Deuce Bigalow
Rob Snyder: I'm Jewish

Put on your yarmulke
Here comes Chanukah

Snyder : Tonight Willie Nelson's man who plays Harmonica celebrates Chanukah
Sandler: Tacky Elvis ladies and gentlemen, Tacky Elvis
Sandler: Shit, I didn't know you were Jewish
Snyder : I'm a Philippino Jew
Snyder : In fact I gotta run home and light the first pig
Sandler: Get going!

Osama Bin Laden (Boo!)
Not a big fan of the Jews
But maybe that's cuz he lost a figure skating match
to Gold Medalist Sarah Hughes, her mama's Jewish

Houdini and David Lane escaped straight jackets in such precision
But the one thing they could not get out of
Their painful circumcision

Gwyneth Paltrow's half Jewish
A full time Oscar winner
Jennifer Connelly is half Jewish too
I'd like to put some more in her

.. .. and Paula Abdul
.. to make music
But first came Hebrew School

Hey, put on your yarmulke
It's time to celebrate Chanukah
Hold that Gin & Tonicah
On this joyful joyful Chanukah
So get on your ...
And soil your Long John-akuh
If you really really wannakuh
Have a Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
Happy Chanukah

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