Big Brother

I am a native of Louisville, KY, USA. To explain the handle, "Big Brother" is a literary allusion from George Orwell's book *1984*, one of my favorites. In addition to Sandler's work, I'm interested in politics, books and music (all kinds of both), popular culture, journalism, argumentation, free verse (writing, not reading), running, fighting censorship, and most affairs of public interest.

Well, the mailto link is below, if you want to write to me. I have no idea why anyone would care to, but there it is, and I'm pretty prompt in answering any question you might ask. If you got a kick out of reading the transcripts, or just feel like challenging me, go right ahead.

E-mail me

Anyone who wishs to put the transcriptons that I wrote on your page, just be sure to put a link to my e-mail address and give me credit.