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7. Childlike Wildlife
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Well I guess I'll treat her right
I guess I'll treat her right more this time
I'll try not to rely
Try not to rely on the perfect line
And I see no boundaries
Except for the ones I'm in
And I don't expect you to overcome them 
For that's my job description

In a world of players and private eyes
Unless you realize this 
There's a whole lot you could miss
Do you know which one I am
I am the cigarette smoking man
Once an hour I light the flower
And burn baby burn

When is it your turn
Lord tell me when the sun goes down
Cause I feel much better then anyway
Well I see much much better then anyway
Well I feel exposed 
Although I feel at home 
Dressed as a black plastic rose 
All flowing head shoulders knees and toes
We dance, we dance, we play, we rant and rave

Oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me
Oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me

Early in the morning
Late in the evening
Evening, we kinda get delirious
Breaking from the seriousness
I try not to get disoriented

Having chewed too many up on my side
Is it any wonder how I miss your style
Is it any wonder how I write
Pages layered upon pages
Which to no one else but me can be accounted for
For this moments sake

I do not become me
For path tunnels or straightaways 
I do not watch as often as I should
So instead I sketch my life a comfortable creature
Slow and beautifully
Oh the smell and tastes of the past nights
Well they're still locked up in my gentle jaw

Not that I am wanting them to go
Just that they are
And I'm very much aware
The madness of slow motion as you move your legs to walk
I'm very much aware
Of this madness when you talk

This childlike wildlife is flooring me
Oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me

We dance, we play
Oh lord we rant and rave
We dance and we play always

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