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Enigma's Yearbook Entry (One found!)

***** aka Enigma
from St.Petersburg

I am a female with dark red hair and blue eyes.
My birthday is on May 15, 1990
which makes me a 28 year old Taurus.

This is how I got into Evanescence:
It all began exactly eight months ago.
...Something special happened in my ordinary life - I gave up the struggle for love that time , my heart was suffering , and the only thing that made me better was singing " My Immortal ". I'd been fond of singing before ,
even had tried my hand in writing lyrics. But my first successful lyric was my own version of " My Immortal " ( I write lyrics for Evan's music - I don't compose music myself , but I believe I'll be able to do it some time later ).It's other name is "Still" and it was written on March , 26. I also had (and have!!!) a purpose to be a leader of a rock-band ( by the way , I'm gonna live in the USA , in the town where Amy lives now ( not only Amy , but other rock stars, too ) and form my band there ), and Evan's songs were the only inspiration and encouragement for me.Listening to those songs and singing them ,writing more and more , I realized I was very much like Amy - concerned about the same things , having felt everything she sang about.I spent at least two or three hours singing every day , and spent these hours in my own world , escaped just from everything.So my purpose became my greatest aim , and now I know exactly : such words as " You'll NEVER be a success in this field !" or " Think well if you really need it!" can't stop me , I know exactly : I WILL STRUGGLE FOR EVERYTHING I WANT !!!
Evanescence makes me move forward in spite of everything , overcome all the obstacles life has prepared for me , move closer and closer to my aim.
Now I have 24 own lyrics , even one in German ( but I don't know if this experience is successful - I don't know German enough ),
I'm also trying to write a srory ,some poems , devote all my free time to singing and I'm very grateful to Evanescence for helping me find myself;I often feel that I just don't wanna live , but Evan's songs return me back to life.So I became a Evanescence fan once and forever!!!
And my greatest dream is to meet Eva , especially Amie , and I believe it will come true one day...

Additionally, I'd like to mention to other fans:
And I leave my own song especially for you!
" Missing " - " Lie To Ourselves "
Chips of the temple ,
Broken dreams of broken hearts
That aren't sealed with the sign of love now..
It is everything love has left for us...
Love was never benign to me...

Like a vessel love broke into chips ,
Wounding my heart , you left m here to bleed.
All I have is a mascot ,
Bringing curse , it's that sacred chip ,
Buried deep in my heart ,
Being sorrow fixed in it...

Believing I will forget
Is just lying to myself,
Time would heal these wounds if only
I could turn it back...
Love was never benign to me...

Love , you've forgotten me
After taking my sacrifice ,
I incured all your sufferings ,
It was all of our love...
I'm tired of lying about you ,
Bbut that time I loved this lie...

Love is as far as you ,
But it's breath is near ,
And echo of all the words that I used to hear is somewhere in the air...
Never lie to yourself ,
No one has taken my place...

Well , has my lyric touched you? I wanna know your opinion!
I'm also searching of understanding and love - if you spend nights writing as me , if you feel lonely and have no one to talk to ,we're searching of each other , I'm here for you , and I need you , too. Just answer me (kka10109@peterlink.ru). I'll wait!!!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004.

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