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Cathy's Yearbook Entry (One found!)

Catheryne Mora aka Cathy
from Miami

ICQ: 313-974-520

I am a female with brown hair and brown eyes.
My birthday is on November 5, 1993
which makes me a 26 year old Scorpio.

This is how I got into Evanescence:
i just heard her music and i liked it!!!!!!!! :) she is so cool i like da way she dresses I wonder if she likes da cloths!it's lik if she rites wat she feels.well most rockers rite wat they feel. in da song "Brring Me 2 life" was cool! it's in da movie dare devil dat's da only reason I got da movie acually i thought da movie was goin 2 be awsome! but it was a rip off!!! crapy movie. I watch but only to c da part of bring me 2 life! i wish i could meet her one day dat would be soooooooo cooooooll!!!!! my big sis has her lyrics of Evanescence she was da first one 2 fall in love wit da music of Evanescence! now every day dat my sis is not on da conputer I get on and copy some lyrics 4 my friends! not really my friends but aquaintents u know! there is no such thing as a friend. u turn around 4 one second they shove their foot up ur ass or say some shit about u! I already learned my lesson. some mother fucker said some shit about me dat i stinked lik a fukkin trash can!!!!!!!! dat bitch said it 2 some other people and didn't have da guts 2 say it in front of my face! anyways 4get about dat she realy doesn't matter! But wat i really hate is dat she says dat all rockers r gay os les and dat really gets me PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!she be sayin dat Amy is a lier dat's not FUKKIN TRUE she is honest wit her music!!!!! she is da best rocker in all universe!!!!!!!!!! sometimes I just want 2 rip her head off and stab her 4 sayin dat shit!!!!!!!!! I bet if Amy was rite in front of her she wouldn't be sayin dat shit!! I hope Amy reads this letter cuz dis was 4 her!

u inspier me,
catheryne mora!! ;)

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Friday, October 15, 2004.

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