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dunno wut that mean i <# evanescene's Yearbook Entry (One found!)

Carolyn aka dunno wut that mean i <# evanescene
from Highland Park

AIM: reallcrazybaby6
ICQ: ???
IRC: i dunno

I am a female with brown hair and blue eyes.
My birthday is on November 26, 1989
which makes me a 31 year old Sagittarius.

This is how I got into Evanescence:
well it all started last year wen i heard bring me to life on the radio and i downloaded it and a lot of other songs and then burned sum cds w.their songs on it and then resently well like 2 months ago i heard my immortal on one of my friends cds and i just had to get the cd unfountantly my mom wouldnt let me redownload kazzaa on our new computer so i just decided to by it and within liike i dunno a cuple of weeks i new all the songs and saved all the songs from the cd on to my computer so i basiclly am never not listening to evanescene!!!!i am rite now and once my mom lets me go to a concert which wont be for a while then evanescene will be the first one i will go to!!!imc razy im insane but i cant help their music is amazing i think it has done sumthing to my head!!!but dont worry i think it is a good sumthing!!!i want to learn hown to play evanescene on the violin that is my goal for the next year!!!!i think that wud be the kewlest thing ever and yea i am going to shut up now!!!one last thing!!!i luv evanescene!!!!!!!!

Additionally, I'd like to mention to other fans:
i am obssed beyond obsessed u have no idea!!!!im like crazy!!!!but its fun all of you need to love evanescene but u just cannot love them as much as me it is literally not possible!!!so dont try email me if u want to know anything about evanescene cuz i will know it and email me anything about them if u have kewl pics email them to be just email and i will reasd it if it says anything about evanescene

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Thursday, March 25, 2004.

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