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Tuesday, March 4, 2003
9. Hello

Review #3250 by lea
Written on Aug 14, 2004 (Read 521 times)
Evenescence totally rocks their music is fab an they r one of the only bands that r actually gud at doin slow type songs and faster upbeat ones at the same time. I dont think that there is 1 song i dont like my favs r 'hello' and 'tourniquet' Amazing xleax

Review #3243 by Daniela
Written on Aug 12, 2004 (Read 507 times)
i love you amy leeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are sooo great!!!!!!!! i love your music!!! i wish i could meet you!!

Review #3237 by Johnny
Written on Aug 11, 2004 (Read 535 times)
I think Jims review on Aug 3rd,2004 just about sums it up...Good job Jim on the words of description of Amy Lee and Evanescence.:)

Review #3220 by Hells forgotton angel
Written on Aug 9, 2004 (Read 489 times)
I have somthing to say to "Squid". Dude you are so stupid!!To say Evenesence sucks is pure stupidity. And that Amy Lee cant sing... I should hex you for that. Amy has written songs that reach millions of peopels hearts evrywere. There are some people who need her music to live , dammit, because she is saying what the cant.
So before you go running you bloody mouth, THINK!! If you cant say anything worth listening to then dont. I adore Amy because evry fucking song is my life story. My life is shit and Amy has put it into words..Anyways, I love the Fallen album and i think I might be ONE of Amy's biggest fan.

Review #3211 by Little_tortilla
Written on Aug 9, 2004 (Read 442 times)
TO Squid: you said:
"They all are these days. The music industry creates the bands. They dont have people who work hard for years just to get a record deal and who play clubs while working 9-5 jobs anymore. "

Perhaps if u have actually done some research - or read an article or two, you might have known that evanescence were formed when Amy and Ben were teenagers and have been writing for years and years - even before they tried getting a record deal. They spent most of it writing music and doing a few gigs and getting air play off their own backs. One word of advice:  

Review #3209 by Bre
Written on Aug 8, 2004 (Read 439 times)
For all of you who are bad mouthing Evanescence and there songs, shut up. plain and simple. if you hated them so much than why are you wasting you time at this web site. i guess you just have nothing better to do. and to "little miss STEPH" if you were a true christian you would except a person for who they are not what they do or how they look. hello is a song about over coming ones sorrows, and how it must be done alone. i can relate to the song, because of certain things that have happened to me in the past year. the lyrics are true, a person is not some object you can just fix because they are broken. if amy lee is an addict and if she is suicidal, that is something she will have to handle herself. it is non of your business. I love HELLO and it has helped me in more ways than i can count. thank you to all who are members of evanescence!!!!

Review #3204 by amy the lost fairy
Written on Aug 7, 2004 (Read 451 times)
OMG squid.....go away!
Theres no place for you here. this is a website for real music. If you came on here just to put the band down you really need to find some thing better to do with your sad little life. What was the point in your entry? Honestly. Everything you said was wrong. Email mew if you can. i want to know HOW you can think this way.

Review #3187 by Moody.Black Hawk
Written on Aug 7, 2004 (Read 456 times)
i love Evanescence so much and i wish she come in Egypt to sing here and i love all her songs. and i love here really i think she feel me and know what's in my heart .MOODY *BLACK HAWK* .FIGHTER PILOT .EGYPT

Review #3184 by Kaci
Written on Aug 6, 2004 (Read 444 times)
I LOVE "HELLO"!!!! and all the other songs!!!! i am trying to get to go to the concert comming up next week in OK. i cant wait!!!!! i love Evanesence and Amy Lee!! they worked SO HARD its not even funny to get where they are today! and they certainly desrve it! so all of the stupid haters, GO AWAY! THIS ISENT A PLACE 4 U!!!!!! and the haters accualy have no life...if all they have to do is diss GREAT bands/groups/singers like Evanesence, they r stupid, cuz Evanesence rules! so...uhhh, c ya later! ^_^


i <3 Evanesence!!!! ^_^

Review #3183 by beth
Written on Aug 6, 2004 (Read 426 times)
i luv evanescence!! the first time i heard them i was stuck in the middle of nowhere w/ the fam, and my cuz gave me the "Fallen" cd to listen to. i was like "wow, these songs r deep, and they are ones that i can connect to!" u cant find much music like that any more, cuz nobody really writes about the problems that trounled people face. this band rocks, and i luv them!


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