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Tuesday, March 4, 2003
6. Tourniquet

Review #4015 by A random military man
Written on Jan 3, 2005 (Read 582 times)
When I heard this song. I played out a video for it in my head.

Amy lee is a vampire ... kills someone and is chased into a church which che closes the door as angry villagers are trying to bust in... she tries to embrace the cross in her arms but it burns her.. over and over again... she asks a preist "am I to lost to be saved" he throws her down and runs cursing at her the whole way ... at the end during the lead off the cross breaks from on chain and swings near a window where the hand of jesus seems to point to the window... as the sun rises and the villagerss bereak in she walks into the sun. as the blinding light dims an angel unwraps his wings from around her as she stands with others in a beautiful open area during mid day ... the angel takes 2 steps back and flies off.. as the screen goes black the verse from the bible comes up.

"for all those who ask for forgiveness and being truthful in their regret shall be forgivin"

for those of us in the service this helps us during troubled times when the options are shoot back or die... it is an easy desicion till you are alone at night and the little voice in the back of your head says "thou shall not kill" and your pray that in the end you will be forgiven even if you where just in the eyes of man.


Review #4013 by oldcoot
Written on Jan 3, 2005 (Read 540 times)
Fascinating - in Tourniquet there stands a soul on the cusp of life and death, torn between the utter darkness of the void and the desperate hope of life; the hope that there is somewhere, somehow, some reason and purpose to existence. Having been on that verge (30 years ago - told you I'm old!), I can say that there is, indeed, reason to hope and to live. Contemplate Good Friday, when Jesus Christ Himself stood (or hung, actually) on the edge of death and cried out the same question: God, why have You forsaken me?

Review #3881 by Ainsley
Written on Dec 19, 2004 (Read 594 times)
Once again, a lot of you Evanescence fans out there don't know what this song is about. Ok, this song is what made Evanescence originally named a Christian Rock Group. Rocky Gray, the drummer, wrote this song about the common wonders of what happens after one commits suicide. It has absolutely nothing to do with being "too lost" for God. In fact, it shows God saves lives by comparing Him to a tourniquet. Most of you probably don't know that a tourniquet stops the flow of blood out of the body, so it saves lives, like God. It's simply about asking for God's help and God's salvation because He can save our lives.

Review #3867 by jk114
Written on Dec 17, 2004 (Read 582 times)
I love this song.  a friend told me that it was christian based because of the "my god my tourniquet return to me salvation" part, but i think it comes from somewhere darker.  there's also "i want to die" and "my wounds cry for the grave, my soul crys for deliverance, will i be denied christ? tourniquet my suicide"I took it as finding god in the tourniquet when you've reached your last resort....kinda depressing but i can relate to it.

Review #3846 by From a Christian's perspective
Written on Dec 15, 2004 (Read 588 times)
This song is awful (as far as lyrics go, but the music sounds great): 1) No one is ever 'too lost' for God. 2) even if you were truly 'too lost' for God to save you, you'd have to be more powerful than God to ever be saved; utterly impossible. So who are you saying God is? Man? or the one man is praying to? 3) based on what the author says in the first verse, they seem to only call on God when they need Him, when it's convenient for them - "on their death bed" If they had been faithful to Him before, they would have never been lost in the first place. 4) And what is He being used for, a tourniquet? Here, in this song, God's sole purpose is to hold in the author's 'crimson regret and betrayal.' Is that what God has been reduced to (in this song)?

Review #3823 by Tomo
Written on Dec 12, 2004 (Read 597 times)
Someone said that "Tourniquet" was a cover and it was a song Rocky Gray's former band 'Embraced' wrote. If it is right, I would love to listen to other stuffs they recorded before soon. 'Embraced' seemed to play a sort of death metal so I just wonder if their original version differs from Evanescence's a lot... Anyways, this one is very nice too!!!

Review #3816 by becs
Written on Dec 12, 2004 (Read 591 times)
This is an absolutely awesome song! I'm probably going to use this in one of my songfics.

Review #3768 by Achlie
Written on Dec 8, 2004 (Read 592 times)
this song says allot to me and it has also helped me get through hard times.  When i feel like theres no meaning left to my life all i have to do is listen to her lyrics and i remember that there are so many ppl left in this world that have it worse than me.

Review #3757 by Tashgoth
Written on Dec 5, 2004 (Read 596 times)
Dude! this song just keeps on rocking no matter how ,any times u listen 2 it!!!! I love it and i just love this band! Tashgoth

Review #3728 by kerstin
Written on Nov 30, 2004 (Read 480 times)
evanescence made me first think about lyrics. tourniqut is a great song, i realy love it! i realy love amy lee's voice and the older songs are so great some of them make me cry... and this song is so wonderfull.. does anybody know why it was written? and who wrote is? (i know it's a cover) that would be interesting to know
btw you can mail me =)


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