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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
6. Tourniquet

Review #1665 by Sylvia White
Written on Mar 17, 2004 (Read 3284 times)
I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!!!!! and I totally LOVE this song!!!!!!!!! I used 2 cut myself butI've stopped and once I was going 2 commit sucide but, I didn't ( Thankfully) and This song reminds me of myself IT'S AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #1654 by Kristin
Written on Mar 16, 2004 (Read 3301 times)
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! It really makes me think...it reminds me so much of myself!  I am a cutter and i have tried the whole suicide thing a couple of times. This song really makes me wonder if god would accept me if i killed myself(something i have always wondered) The entire CD is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #1630 by Valthonis
Written on Mar 15, 2004 (Read 3357 times)
dude this song kicks ace!  by far the best song on the album and I like all of them.

Review #1582 by Kristina
Written on Mar 12, 2004 (Read 3413 times)
Life Sucks. but this song rocks becuase suicide is tubular and i'm about to commit it

bye everyone see u in hell

Review #1559 by mohommed Ally
Written on Mar 11, 2004 (Read 3451 times)
Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a bee!!
Sex is on my mind, and so is Amy Lea!

Review #1451 by Nailea Gomez
Written on Mar 4, 2004 (Read 3609 times)
I love this song!!!!!!!It reminds me how I feel.Evanescence rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #1435 by BlackTears
Written on Mar 3, 2004 (Read 3630 times)
evanescence fucking kicks ass!!!If u don't think so go fuck urself bitch!:)
keep rocking amy!

Review #1428 by heather
Written on Mar 2, 2004 (Read 3642 times)
this song is so amazing and powerful... its a cry for help and a praise at the same time. every time i have a shitty-ass day, i pop this song in and i know instantly that God is my tourniquet and that i shouldn't give up. major kudos to Evanescence for their genius sound and lyrics with substance instead of the usual shit thats crammed down our throats.

Review #1425 by Jasmin
Written on Mar 2, 2004 (Read 3647 times)
I love this song because it makes alot of sence. Most people wouldn't understand it if they did know what a tourniquet is. It is a thing they used to put in first aid kits. It was supposed to stop the bleeding. So basically she is saying that god is her touniquet. That is exactly the same way I feel. This is absolutely my favorite song by evanescene. Amy Lee has a gift that she shares with the world. Her voice is truely unique, and I hope she will continue to share it with us.

Review #1415 by Jon
Written on Mar 1, 2004 (Read 3663 times)
This song is insanely true and cool. If anyone should speak out on fuckin' reality, let it be Amy. She obviously has a God given gift that she is more-then-brave- enough to share it with the world. So, let her continue doing this for a very long time to come. I'm not screamin', cryin', or bleeding, but I'm sure as hell prayin!'


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