Wild Strawberries Song Reviews

Foxfire Foxfire
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Released on
Tuesday, August 6, 1996
1. I Don't Want To Think About It

Review #28 by hell_angel
Written on Feb 10, 2007 (Read 162 times)

Review #24 by Steph
Written on Apr 1, 2006 (Read 201 times)
I absolutely love this song & the movie. The movie is my favorite and I think this song works perfectly with the movie.

Review #22 by gldnc
Written on Oct 2, 2005 (Read 223 times)
One of my very favorite songs. After hearing the song in Foxfire I immediately wanted to find more of their music. Her voice moves me and the lyrics are so real, I never get tired of listening to it.
Have a listen for yourself.

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