Wild Strawberries Song Reviews

Heroine Heroine
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Released on
Tuesday, April 2, 1996
1. I Don't Want To Think About It

Review #31 by Kat
Written on Dec 20, 2007 (Read 150 times)
Can anyone tell me what the song means or at least what it means to you?

Review #16 by Mikey
Written on Mar 31, 2005 (Read 261 times)
I haven't heard this song in nearly ten years.  But I remember it was really really good.  Music was a million times better at the time this song was on much music and this was one of the songs that sticks with me to this day I gotta go out and buy the cd very soon.

Review #5 by Marshall
Written on Jul 21, 2002 (Read 635 times)
I also disovered this song while watching Foxfire.  Roberta's vocals fit this song so well and the lyrics are so haunting.  Everything was pieced together in an amazing way to make a mezmorizing song.

Review #1 by pats
Written on Aug 26, 2001 (Read 708 times)
i first heard it while watching "foxfire"... i was mesmerized, words can't explain this song. i doubt i am doing it any justice at all by reviewing it, but i felt it had to be done since no one else bothered to... listen to it, learn it...

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