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7. Mei Mei
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Mama I don't want to run away
You know that I could never stay
If this letter never reaches home
I wave goodbye to you and mei mei

You know the placards and the common way
You wore the hat that never fades
You know the hatred for the grave
Of everything you lost that day

The rice grows faster than the hands can cut it down
I can see it rising in the wind
Withered palaces will never stop the rain from falling
In between the cracks until the cracks turn into veins
Flowing through another reign

Don't fear the truth that holds the world away
Don't fly the flag that never waves
I saw a soldier with his gun
Listening to the v.o.a.

I curse the poster in the people's way
I curse the bottle to its grave
And even so I know this rage
Connects me with the ones I hate

Time will lay its peonies upon your bed
Fate will hold you helpless in its net
And like a quickly fading song
How soon the world forgets

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