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simple.chaotic simple.chaotic
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Released in
December, 1999
13. Futura
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    As written, arranged, produced and performed 
    by Amy, Nick, Phil and Shane on simple.chaotic
    (c) 1999 Yellowhouse Records

Hey i'm dreaming today
Can't get that ride out of my mind
She's old, she's a beauty
So smooth, so cool
Yeah, those were the days 
When cars were actually built to last
Oh man, I think I was born in the wrong generation

I'm reminiscing of a day 
I've never known
But it sounds so sweet 
And it must have been better 
Than what we know today
But probably sweeter in hindsight

Yeah, back in those days
The air, it was clean 
And the park safe to play all day long
It was a place 
Where good old boys only fought with fists 
And everything, everything was ok


Back then people meant
They meant what they said
You see I wanna buy some penny candy
Lets take the top down
I think i'll just close my eyes
And reminisce of a day i've never known



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