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Meet Me At The Fair Meet Me At The Fair
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Released on
Thursday, January 4, 1996
2. Me

Review #46 by Ken Greenberg
Written on Oct 30, 2002 (Read 505 times)
... and when he rhyme's "me" with "me" that's a moment!

Review #25 by psyche
Written on Sep 27, 2001 (Read 611 times)
absolutely gorgeous. it's raw and full of emotion, not trying for appeal in the lyrics but at the same time holding an intense eloquence through some pretty taboo topics for unassuming bands.

Review #19 by John L.
Written on Apr 20, 2001 (Read 652 times)
Beautiful example of how a song can be stripped down sounding, yet exquisite.  The lyrics show that Chris can write a song about a funny subject... let's just say that I find this more poetic than the Everly Bros. song "Dream" about the same subject. Great bouncy verses you'll want to dance to, then I like the way he pauses and deliberately sings each of the words "Opening, covering, lovingly, coloring" separately and creates counterpoint to the bounciness of the verses.  

One of my favorites.

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