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Tuesday, February 6, 2001
11. Frathouse Joe

Review #106 by Joe
Written on Mar 3, 2010 (Read 122 times)
No one cares about this but me. But my name is Joe first off. I have a beer belly. Then in the song he says "your football season is over for you..." well that was the year in my football season when I hurt my back bad and I was out for the rest of the season. The song is about me..

Review #6 by Jude
Written on Jan 30, 2001 (Read 659 times)
GAWD, i love this song!!!!!! it is soooooooooooo
Kingsmen-come-Cracker!! ;) **I mean - it reminds me of perfect combination of a song you'd hear by the zany group Cracker and the 60s garage-band Kingsmen....
very makes me want to frug!! ;)
groovy organ-playing by Dan...he told me he wanted to give the song that "Louie Louie" feel. he certainly succeeded!!

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