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Tuesday, February 6, 2001
2. Millionaire

Review #14 by martin
Written on Feb 18, 2001 (Read 700 times)
not usually a fan of songs that 'bash' corporations/government etc (you know, all those punk songs your big brother listens to), i really like this one. esp the last verse- "I wanna be the american dream, i wanna learn to handshake, smile, while i'm backstabbing' it's great! in a weird way it reminds me of my course at uni here in australia. i'm doing marketing, yet am the least likely to ever wear a suit and sit in an office (the dreads don't help), cause we learn all this stuff (the [american] dream) but reality is just about the bottom dollar (handshake, smile, backstabbing)...anyways.

Review #11 by Jude
Written on Jan 31, 2001 (Read 715 times)
this song reminds me of when i worked as a cocktail waitress at a cheesy Japanese restaurant/bar and wore a little polyester-blend kimono and was constantly being asked if i was Japanese even though i'm a blonde with perfectly round eyes (oh, yeah-uh-huh-yuk yuk i've only heard that question 50 times today) and going home dog tired only to have to hit the books and later scrubbing drink and cocktail-sauce stains out of that ethnic uniform (albeit not MY ethnicity), only to put it on again the next night and get harrassed all over again.
this song fits perfectly with that time in my life.
actually, i'm STILL trying to find some way..some be a millionaire ;)


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