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After The Party After The Party
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Released on
Tuesday, May 18, 1999
4. Too Much Pride

Review #94 by Asad
Written on Mar 6, 2005 (Read 284 times)
I love the push stars! Every single song including too much pride is amazing. I can definitely relate to this song cause well, I don't care to wait on another...

Review #32 by Paulo
Written on Nov 11, 2001 (Read 669 times)
I'm from Brazil and nobody here knows about The Push Stars. This was the first song i heard of the band. Because of this song i started to look for more informations about the band. I love this song

Review #22 by Matt
Written on Aug 9, 2001 (Read 691 times)
Love this song, it's beautiful, I totally agree with the concept of not wanting to wait for someone else to pay attention to you.  ^.^

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