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Meet Me At The Fair Meet Me At The Fair
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Released on
Thursday, January 4, 1996
3. Lack of Motion
Written by Chris Trapper
    Transcribed by Gerrit (
    As performed by The Push Stars on Meet Me At The Fair

Well, I don't laugh that much anymore 
I got too many troubles knocking at my door 
But it'd be too easy to say, "Life sucks" 

So whenever I feel down 
I get dressed up in a nice tight skirt 
And high-heel pumps 
And I strut past the guys at the fire hall

'Cause they'll never see you fall 
In a lack of motion 
Won't see anything at all
In a lack of motion 

There's this girl down the street that I know 
She spends half her nights watching picture shows 
She thinks 
That life should be like a dream 

But late last night her car broke down 
In the middle of the forest
There was no one around 
She had no clue what to do or who to call 

I said they'll never see you fall 
In a lack of motion 
Won't see anything at all
In a lack of motion 

So then she picks me up in a Lincoln Continental 
I said, "Is that brand new or is that a rental?"
When she said it's stolen 
That's when she stole my heart

She said we got no time for getting sentimental 
We got too many goals
So much potential
Don't want to end up another picture on the wall

And I don't care who you used to be 
And I don't care what you're gonna be 
Somebody tell me who they are

Shakespeare and I just signed a deal 
Sped like the devil at the wheel 
'Cause life will pass you by
Like the tail lights of a speeding car

Well, my once best friend became a businessman
He wears a basic blue suit and a twelve month tan
His imagination's about as wide as his T.V.

You see, he never had the guts to do his own thing
He'd mouth the words but he'd never sing 
Let freedom ring at the local shopping mall

And they'll never see you fall 
In a lack of motion 
Won't see anything at all
In a lack of motion 

Well my Father said son you'd better live your dream
I don't think he did so himself it seems
Unless his dream was bringing up a brat like me

Well he said "Now I don't care if you're a millionaire
Or if you're sleeping in a box in the street somewhere
Just love each step you make and take 'em standing tall."

And they'll never see you fall...

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