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Meet Me At The Fair Meet Me At The Fair
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Released on
Thursday, January 4, 1996
14. Silvertown
Written by Chris Trapper
    Transcribed by Gerrit (
    As performed by The Push Stars on Meet Me At The Fair

If you want to see Silvertown 
The best time's when no one's around
In the dark of the morning 
You can sneak through some backyard
To see the beautiful city
Open like Christmas in the sky

Just then something blinds your eyes 
Like a comet or a sparkler on the Fourth of July
It's an angel falling from the skyline 
Crying over all the wrong she sees
They'll be swimming in the streets
Well I try to understand 
By holding out my hands touching her teardrops

Deep down in Silvertown
There's a clown hung on a cross
He's been burned by words that he never deserved at all
So I'm gonna be taking his place
Trading my frown for his face
And if I ever lose faith 
Well, I'll just look at the pictures of him smiling on my wall

Angel falling from the skyline fighting 
Why don't you look me in the eye
You never even try
Well, I've got so much to say 
But you're bound to turn away
So why even try to

Angel falling from the skyline
Laughing at me surrendered on my knees
She never said this would be easy
I said, "I feel so down"
She says, "You're bound to come around"
I said, "I feel so down"
She says, "You're bound to come around"
I said, "I feel so down"
She says, "You're bound to come around"
Welcome to Silvertown

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