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Released in
April, 2002
9. Me And My Blue Water
Summer rules the sky tonight
His wistful eyes look out of sight
Beyond the streets, upon the town
That holds his people down
And never free
Nervously she looks him down
Walks ten paces, turns around
Says, “You seldom love me,
but you’ll never leave me…
Death is your decree…” so you see
In the morning when she wakes
I will be gone

Blue water’s moving
Higher than heaven

So the circus cut through town today
Amazed the children and seized the gray 
and empty circles spinning slowly
only for awhile, and we smiled
So the wild eyed boy grew wider than a truck and trecked off for the city’s 
Shitty smells and sloppy streets
Where evil ends all meet
Proud defeat
In the morning when she wakes 
I will be gone

And it was ever still

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