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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
11. The Boy's Gone

Review #302 by Ona
Written on Jul 19, 2003 (Read 1056 times)
This song is very good. I once listened to it 5 times in a row. It is my favorite song on the cd. I really like it. Good job, buddy!
Keep it up. I will be seeing you on tv on pepsi smash. but that is probably the one time I will be able to see you live. Hopefully not. Try to come to Mankato, Minnesota. and..tour with dave matthews band. that would be a concert really worth going to. and bring matchbox 20 along too.

Review #268 by deb
Written on Jun 22, 2003 (Read 923 times)
This song is just awesome, I am so impressed with his talent, and I am definately spreading the word about him, even the local D.J.'s love him, they ALWAYS announce his name and the name of the song "The Remedy", by Jason Mraz. That is unheard of in this area, I usually have to call the station up to find out what artist they just played. You go guy!!!!!

Review #220 by Meg
Written on May 27, 2003 (Read 740 times)
 If there is one song on this album that makes get all teary eyed, its this one! The lyics themselves are a MASTERPIECE! Its one of those songs that truly tug on my heartstrings! ABSOLUTELY POETIC!

Review #194 by Steven
Written on May 20, 2003 (Read 708 times)
I love this song the more I listen to it (like all of his songs.) However, what exactly does he mean by these lyrics?  Translation anyone?

Review #125 by Gwen
Written on Mar 31, 2003 (Read 761 times)
This is by far my absolute favorite song on this LP.  Rarely am I emotionally moved, so I thank you Jason Mraz.  Eres un hombre especial.

Review #91 by Alisha
Written on Feb 8, 2003 (Read 808 times)
This is my song!

Review #87 by Katia
Written on Feb 2, 2003 (Read 818 times)
This is the best song on the album!No doubts about it!I nly wish I could hear it live someday....till then I have to stick to my stereo.


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