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Waiting For My Rocket To Come Waiting For My Rocket To Come
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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
9. On Love, In Sadness

Review #242 by breen
Written on Jun 7, 2003 (Read 999 times)
umm yeah... what can i say, AMAZING. a lot of people dont know about him, and i think he's gonna get HUGE because he has so much talent. plus, this is my all time favorite song.. ROCK ON JASON!

Review #173 by Meg
Written on May 10, 2003 (Read 830 times)
              Curbside Prophet

   THIS SONG ROCKS! Its my favorite song on Waiting For My Rocket To Come. I love the rhymes and lyrical "flexibility"! Keep on rockin', Jason...:)!

Review #171 by Samantha
Written on May 9, 2003 (Read 769 times)
I am addicted to this song, and I don't know exactly why. It's just REALLY good, and Jason is extremely talented.

Review #133 by Emily
Written on Apr 8, 2003 (Read 821 times)
Im in love with this song, and the rest of them for that matter. This one especially- just has that thing- you know when your driving down the road, and u just wanna crank it all the way up, and sing it as loud as possible. it just makes you feel good. Few songs can do that- and i find that many of them, are Jason Mraz! rock on brother!

Review #109 by Kid Bill
Written on Mar 7, 2003 (Read 880 times)
I would have to say that this music is way before its time, beautiful fill in's and great pick work.  Can't say enough about his voice, melody changes like water into wine.

Kid Bill
p.s. some day when I get of the curb with my pick, I will look this dude up and thank  him for what he is doing with me and my muisc.

Review #86 by Katia
Written on Feb 2, 2003 (Read 935 times)
what's not to love about his angel voice!His words feel like magic to my hears!This is the statment of a girl that is really, really, stunned by this artist. Never seen anything like this. The best sound I heard in years......

Review #85 by Jo
Written on Feb 1, 2003 (Read 936 times)
i love this song. i can listen to it over and over. i have not found a song of jason mraz that i dont like yet, and i dont think i will.


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