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Waiting For My Rocket To Come Waiting For My Rocket To Come
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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
5. Curbside Prophet

Review #113 by Candy
Written on Mar 17, 2003 (Read 2330 times)
OMG, i saw Jason at the LBC, his voice is so sexy along with his sexy looks.  I got to meet him and damn is he sexy. He has a great personality and really knows how to have a good time.If you dont have both of his CD's than you have to get them they are absolutly AMAZING!!!

Review #102 by Mauricio
Written on Mar 1, 2003 (Read 2442 times)
This is far the best song I ever heard! I wish I could get the lyrics!
If you have e-mail them to me!
And Don't forget to buy his CD is great

Review #97 by Kendra
Written on Feb 16, 2003 (Read 2479 times)
The whole jazzy feel to his songs have me in a daze that I have and probably will never come out of.

Review #79 by Ryan
Written on Jan 25, 2003 (Read 2770 times)
No, saw him in chicago at the united center.

Review #78 by Thandi
Written on Jan 25, 2003 (Read 2773 times)
I saw Jason at a DMB concert too. Was it at the Gorge? @ Ryan

Review #76 by Ryan
Written on Jan 23, 2003 (Read 2790 times)
Holy cow, i saw jason at a Dave Matthews Band concert about a month ago, and have been trying to figure out his name ever since, i finally got it, and man am i happy.

Review #68 by Mike A
Written on Dec 24, 2002 (Read 3000 times)
This should be played on American airwaves nonstop.  I'm a music director at a college radio station in Missouri and my shows are flooding with this sweet song along with many other tracks on "Rocket to come"

rock on jason, rock on

Review #61 by Kristen
Written on Dec 5, 2002 (Read 3126 times)
I just heard of this guy last night, when my neighbors offered me a ticket to go see him live.  I went... and was blown away.  He is absolutely amazing, I couldn't take my eyes off of him!  The way he holds the crowd and his aura are unbelievable.  All I really wanted to do was meet him, but that just couldn't happen.  I suggest buying this CD ASAP!  Jason Rocks!

Review #58 by Mollie Mraz
Written on Nov 28, 2002 (Read 3178 times)
Jason Mraz is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I have no clue if we are related, chances are we are, there aren't many Mraz's running around.  His studio debut CD is definetly one of the greatest CDs I own.  I kno wif a CD is good if I can listen to it all the way through without skipping a track!  GET THIS CD ASAP!

Review #57 by Lauren Jen
Written on Nov 22, 2002 (Read 3214 times)
this song is hilarious, i just wish i could find the lyrics


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