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Waiting For My Rocket To Come Waiting For My Rocket To Come
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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
4. Who Needs Shelter

Review #377 by in love with jason
Written on Oct 13, 2003 (Read 636 times)
i absolutely adore jason mraz! when i first heard him back in 1999 i fell in love immediately.his songs are written straight from the heart and he has such a wonderful talent. i have never heard such a soothing voice and such awesome beats in each song. i love him so much and will continue to be a fan of his in the many years to come. p.s.this song is one of my favs. but i love every one of his songs so i guess that review doesnt really help! =)

Review #366 by Marina Yonkers
Written on Sep 23, 2003 (Read 636 times)
This is an amazing song, its just the way he sings it, and the tempo. Its so relaxing. If I ever got to meet him, I would definatly tell him what I think about this song.

If you are a MASSIVE Mraz fan, please email me ::: misspodie@yahoo.com

Review #332 by DeAnna
Written on Aug 13, 2003 (Read 646 times)
Oh, c'mon people..We need more people reviewing this amazing song..I love just relaxing while listening to this song.  Jason, "I'd like to say how truly bright you are, you don't know me but I know you see, you're my favorite star"

Review #128 by another mraz fan
Written on Apr 3, 2003 (Read 823 times)
Its an amazing song, if you haven't heard it, i suggest that you do. Its an amazing folk- rock song. His voice totally goes along with the beat, it cuts right through the guitar and light drums. all i can say is AMAZING keep it up jason, and if you read this, you are AMAZING


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