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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
3. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)

Review #296 by jax
Written on Jul 17, 2003 (Read 1926 times)
i love this guy!! ahh this song is sooo amazing ahhh

Review #294 by JASON POWELL
Written on Jul 17, 2003 (Read 1926 times)
I am from and grew up in the same town as Jason, Mechanicsville and I have followed his music for the past yr and his record is phenominal.  His writting style is poetic and introspective with a groove and musical taste anyone could enjoy.  His vocal talent is amazing.  I too am a musican and a song writer, one day to write pro and I hope my songs touch others and bring a since of excitement like Jason's music has.  Keep up the work Jason - Mechanicsville Va is in full support and pride. , hopefulle one day we can collaborate

Review #293 by bobbysworld1082
Written on Jul 15, 2003 (Read 1943 times)
This is the worst song jason has ever written.  if this is the only thing you've heard that he's done, find some other songs.  this song doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of his talent.  it is sad that this is all most of the world has heard of him.  Jason Mraz is my hero.

Review #291 by Eric
Written on Jul 15, 2003 (Read 1947 times)
Count me in as well for watching the Noggin Channel during a popular show's marathon weekend. I saw "The Remedy" video and I am a big fan and I bought the CD. I love "The Remedy" because of Jason's energy behind the song. Awesome!!!

Review #286 by Cherry
Written on Jul 9, 2003 (Read 1979 times)
When I was watching mtv hits, his song "The Remedy" came on and i liked it a lot. Then I decided soon after that to get his cd.

Review #283 by Matthew
Written on Jul 7, 2003 (Read 2006 times)
One day, i was watching Noggin on TV and Joson Mraz's music video poped up for "The Remedy". Now I have to get his CD. I'm sure he has many more great songs just like "The Remedy".

Review #282 by Elana
Written on Jul 6, 2003 (Read 2015 times)
This song rocks! I heard it first on Noggin and had 2 get more info! Great song! A 10 hands down

Review #265 by Rosie
Written on Jun 20, 2003 (Read 2144 times)
The Remedy is by far the best song I have ever heard. Jason is so talented! I can just listen to it for hours and hours.  I love everything about it- the lyrics, the tune, the beat, the instrumentals, and of course Jason! I can be having the crappiest day and when I hear the Remedy, it puts me in a great mood.

Review #264 by Wendy
Written on Jun 18, 2003 (Read 2164 times)
I like this song, yes it is very radio friendly but sometimes we need simple in our lives.  Just something smooth and easy to give us a lift this song does that. It makes me happy and that's what counts.

Review #258 by JT
Written on Jun 14, 2003 (Read 2202 times)
I like "The Remedy," but I must admit...when I first heard it...it sure reminded me of Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity!"  Anyone else get that?

Review #254 by junam
Written on Jun 13, 2003 (Read 2214 times)
Man, I lover this song!!!! I never stop listening this song. Plus, Jason Mraz is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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