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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
3. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)

Review #354 by justine
Written on Sep 7, 2003 (Read 1546 times)
then why'd you waste your time to come to this site, to find the review section and reply to it?

Review #353 by gdfgdfgdfg
Written on Sep 5, 2003 (Read 1561 times)
this sux

Review #349 by Justine
Written on Aug 31, 2003 (Read 1601 times)
this is TRUE talent...
Jason Mraz is soooo frickin talented and original, this is the kinda stuff that should be out there in the music industry! no more britney spears, nsync or aguilera stuff, make way for Mraz!!!
when i first heard this song on the radio in Vancouver, BC i fell in love right away!! his voice is amazing, this song is amazing, his whole album is amazing!!! he isn't big here in Vancouver yet, but i kno in a few months once his songs get out and videos get out he'll be huge here!!!
this is true talent that is being hidden by the very much fabricated music industry right now!! MAKE WAY FOR MRAZ!!!

Review #340 by DJ
Written on Aug 21, 2003 (Read 1654 times)
i like this song a lot......this is the first song i've heard by jason mraz....very catchy beat.....my fave part from this song is "when i fall inlove i take my time there's no need to worry when i'm makin up my mind"....i <3 this song!!!!!.....i cant wait for his next album!!!!

Review #330 by ash
Written on Aug 12, 2003 (Read 1720 times)
hey everyone,
i'm frm malaysia, and let me tell you, malaysia doesnt get good music fast...well anyways, i remotely remember someone telling abt jason mraz...a loooong time ago, maybe abt a year. so i was searching for some india arie stuf, n in the middle of the search came 'the remedy', out of whim, n vague memory, i downloaded ( i dun normaly do this, u know) and whoa, when i heard, it i thought it was good, second time i heard it..i was..so taken... such raw,beautiful stuff...his honest voice....gliding.... you and i both, is so beautiful... i was ecstatic..d/l 9 of his songs..then just a coupla days after that i heard jason on rick dees, and i was half-sad...cos i thought i could have the joy of sharing this wit my pals who can really appreciate music... then now i  have this feeling he's gonna be big... n it will be all spoiled ( i know i'm selfish)... anyways, it true..this song is a little too manufactured...but still good... i'm still glas though that the world will get a piece of this guy... believe me, i dun care abt the publicity, jason mraz seriously gets to me...  in the bestest way possible...
ok...phew...i'm done

Review #320 by WinterWhite
Written on Aug 6, 2003 (Read 1772 times)
Well, ive never knew him till i heard this song throughout the radio. I did some searching and found out who actually sang this song. It is Jason MraZ!!! This song really inspires me and is fast-paced and catchy.

Review #318 by Bethany
Written on Aug 4, 2003 (Read 1785 times)
This song inspires me to have a worry-free day. Jason's lyrics are so catchy and he sings them so well. I didn't know much about him until I found out who actually sang "The Remedy". Anyway, he's a very eloquent singer and has good looks as well!

Review #313 by Ashley Jenner
Written on Aug 1, 2003 (Read 1802 times)
I love this song the Remedy it is just really great it makes my day.. i never knew about Jason Mraz until my friend said have you ever herd this song since then i have loved it! this song is the best
and jason mraz is HOT!

Review #305 by DeAnna
Written on Jul 21, 2003 (Read 1882 times)
I just love how the words roll off his toungue when he sings this song, he does it in all his songs, but the way he does it is just very catchy and I love it!!!!

Review #297 by Carly
Written on Jul 18, 2003 (Read 1899 times)
I have this silly hobby of hearing a song i like, and then going and trying to find every song of there's as possible. this was the first song I heard and I loved it. I didn't like all his songs at first... but my rule of thumb is to still listen to those songs, and if they are truly good, then they will g5row on you. they are all good. but "The Remedy" is taken for granted all the time. I hear it on all those crazy VH1 and MTV shows.


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