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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
1. You And I Both

Review #412 by Caitlin
Written on Nov 27, 2003 (Read 2035 times)
I love this song so much.  It has such beautiful lyrics.  I wish the radio played it more.  I hope I get Jason's cd for Christmas.  I have waited for days for my local pop/rock station to play "You and I Both", but it always plays "The Remedy" (which is also great) instead.
Email me if you love this song ha ha.

Review #401 by Rebecca
Written on Nov 7, 2003 (Read 2162 times)
I got the first taste of Jason's music on the top 40 countdown with The remedy, it had my favourite line in it : "i won't worry my life away", then a friend of mine from New York introduced me to "You and I both" and i now know the true meaning of music. Jason's lyrics can really mean something to someone even if the topic doesn't relate to you. But tell you what, he's so talented, I just wish "You and I both" would be as famous as "The Remedy"! I wait for the day, that beautiful song comes on the radio! So thank you for the words that one can never forget!

Review #397 by Tamera
Written on Nov 5, 2003 (Read 2169 times)
I Love love love this song. It gets stuck in my head and I sing it all day. I love the style of music, it's really made for anyone! I'm 30 years old and my 55 year old mother loves his distinct voice. Even my kids now know the lyrics because we play it so much. Thanks Jason!!

Review #384 by Venisse
Written on Oct 20, 2003 (Read 2251 times)
DAMN! JASON....i really love this song soo much. I got the cd yesteday and ive had this song on repeat NON-STOP..and im NEVER gonna be tired of it! Im going to the concert in three weeks in san fran and i KNOW that i wont be disappointed!

Review #351 by DeAnna
Written on Sep 3, 2003 (Read 2564 times)

Review #348 by april
Written on Aug 30, 2003 (Read 2598 times)
 jason mraz is really great!!!! esp his song UANDI both. its really great! so relaxing! this song topped the charts  here in the philippines! oh god!!!! hes so handsome!    i love HIM VERY MUCH! HIS VOICE RULES!!!!!!!!

Review #345 by Jamie
Written on Aug 28, 2003 (Read 2610 times)
wow.. jason is even better in concert then he is on his album... now thats pretty damn good! Everytime I listen to this song i melt, though I do love all of his songs! Hey everybody should go to my website cuz I have a special page just for Jason! Love Alwayz ~*~Jamie~*~ AKA MrazGrl

Review #341 by RAndall
Written on Aug 22, 2003 (Read 2652 times)
Well I have to say I first heard this song three months before WFMRTC came out.  I was working at abercrombie kids, and I heard this new distinct voice, and I was like who is this, so I looked at the play list and It was the mRaz so later I bought Jason Mraz Live, and I was BLOWN away...THanks to this song I was able to hear Mraz before many...

Review #335 by katy
Written on Aug 18, 2003 (Read 2682 times)
I think it's all been said before me. I'm absolutely in love with Jason Mraz- his voice is so crystal clear when you hear him live, and that acoustic sound. God damn, it gives me the chills. I saw him for the first time in Lowell in a small place, opening for Jewel. When he started singing and the drummer started doing his Bongo magic- I was blown away. I said I would marry him right then and there based soully on that performance! I agree with whoever said they hope he sticks with the acoustic sound, it's much better on him.

Review #324 by sarah
Written on Aug 7, 2003 (Read 2769 times)
i just saw jason in concert last sunday in houston and he kicked so much ass. he is so funny and sooo sexy its not EVEN funny. i love this song so much and when he sang it i wanted to jump him right there and then. :) but yes. im a mraz fan for life!


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