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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
1. You And I Both

Review #1092 by mark
Written on Nov 19, 2006 (Read 877 times)
You and I is a heartfelt song about a love that makes all the difference. This boy is a musical genius. Well Jason, you sing it a whole lot better than I can say it, so never give up.

Review #1027 by skyler
Written on Mar 19, 2006 (Read 1057 times)
you and i both love... this song is very beautiful have u guys seen the video? it's so cute and funny! the lyrics are mesmorising!! jason mraz, your hot!

Review #915 by gennay <3
Written on Oct 27, 2005 (Read 1267 times)
Wow ! This Song Is One Of My Favorites Of Jason For Sure !

When He Sand This One In Concert, I Was Definetely Happy !! :)

And I Got To Meet Him As Well, But Unfortunetely Did Not Get To Anal Bum Screw Him ! Lol Ew, That Story Was Very Graphic !! lol (funbags ' review:P)

Well, Awesome Song; Awesome Guy !


Review #645 by funbags
Written on Nov 14, 2004 (Read 1974 times)
I remember when i went to go see jasons show when it came thru missouri. I knew some people so i got a backstage pass and got to see jason. My backstage pass turned into more like a backdoor pass for jason.  He bent me over like a little boy and spanked vigorously for like a half hour before he anal penetrated me.  It was amazing!  He started singing the song,"You and I Both" but he was singing it death metal style. Atleast that's what I thought because i was so hyped up on coke that he could have been putting a warlock spell on me and i wouldn't have known the difference. Those are the best times.  Then he had a black strap on that he had me put on and i did him in the butt then.  It made me appreciate his songs even more because he told me most of his inspiration for his songs comes when someone is doing him in the butt. Isn't that awesome? The more I listened to his songs the more I could see how much he takes it in the ass. Sigh, he's so dreamy.

Review #636 by xoxo
Written on Oct 25, 2004 (Read 2030 times)
Dude! I fuckin love this
\song you should like so
come to Georgia! Damn I
luv your voice! lol! You
probably dont give a shit
but I luv'd your song so
fuckin much I played and
sang it at my talent show!
lol! Just lettin' ya know!

Stay sexy!

Review #585 by Elliott
Written on Jul 3, 2004 (Read 2414 times)

Review #547 by Serge
Written on May 24, 2004 (Read 2622 times)
Jason Mraz is one talented singer/song writer, and i hope that he is around for a long time. He has an amazing voice and he has great writing ability. He just kicks ass on the guitar hope to see him in Portland Oregon sometime. Jason Mraz,Jack Johnson,John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band are probaly the best for their style of Music. Waiting for My Rocket to Come is a very well done cd every song is good My Favorite tracks are The Remedy,Curbside Prophet,You and I Both, Who  
Needs Shelter, Absolute Zero and Love is a brittle Madness.

Review #510 by Shirley Moore
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 3047 times)
I love Jason!I think he is the best thing senice Rusted Root and Phish.He is also very cute I would f***k him any day

Review #509 by BabyfowJo15
Written on Mar 17, 2004 (Read 3115 times)
I love this song, it makes me think hes singing to me, i saw him in concert and i fell in love with him, he has the best vioce, an hes hott. hes sings about things you would never think of songing, i think him for letting me listen to such a great song!! i love him for that!! number one fan

Review #506 by mraz_maniac
Written on Mar 14, 2004 (Read 3148 times)
Thanks be to the powers-that-be that the "dour 'Nirvana' days" are gone at last! negative & depressing as the music has been since Nirvana...change is in the air by way of Mraz's music--which is positive & utterly uplifting--just plain ole' feel Good music! If you have a heart, this song will, undoubtedly, tug on it's strings.  The Video is a standout in a sea of crap that is and has been music video.  A throw back to the 'romantic' days of yore, including full-blown Buzby Berkley style dance production number, the little story it tells will have you walking on air for hours after viewing it.  the song stands alone as a testiment to LOVE and all that it should be!  Mraz is the Man!!  Thank you Jason...thank you for daring to be good in an upside-down 'badboy' lovin' world.  Please stay true to your roots-celebrity is a HEAVY soul sucking drug...resist it's temptation...stay just as you are. PERFECT!!


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