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Sold Out (In Stereo) Sold Out (In Stereo)

Released on
Thursday, March 21, 2002
10. Dreamlife of Rand McNally

Review #227 by marcelle
Written on May 30, 2003 (Read 1261 times)
ya know what this song makes me say?

fuck me. fuck me many times, mr. jason mraz.

Review #161 by Dave
Written on May 4, 2003 (Read 1300 times)
This song kicks ass. It's what got me into listening to Mraz. A fav of mine!

Review #117 by Stacy Michelle
Written on Mar 22, 2003 (Read 1217 times)
I know what it feels like to come home...I was born in SF, but Diego's my home now.  This has gotta be THE quintessential Mraz song...For once in a lifetime, maybe I'd be foolish not to stay...

Review #88 by Katia
Written on Feb 2, 2003 (Read 1011 times)
"Scary spice was about to go down on me..."This part always gets me laughing!!Go Jason, Go Jason, GO GO GO!

Review #70 by Kelly
Written on Dec 26, 2002 (Read 1086 times)
One of my favorites!!  It always puts me in such a good mood...and his voice never fails to amaze me!!

Review #23 by Jamie
Written on May 2, 2002 (Read 1322 times)
this song it amazing. i love it. there's nothing that can put you in a better mood than this song.  its fun to sing along to or just chill while listening to. and jason --- i love you!


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