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Sold Out (In Stereo) Sold Out (In Stereo)

Released on
Thursday, March 21, 2002
10. Dreamlife of Rand McNally

Review #795 by Susan
Written on Jul 27, 2005 (Read 1066 times)
This song is hilarious!  I absolutely love it and the allusion to the Spice Girls.

Review #781 by Janelle
Written on Jul 12, 2005 (Read 1085 times)
omg this is my absolute favorite song!! me and my sis are absolute junkies for jason mraz and this is our favorite song i just love listening to it over and over again its soo good! God jason i love you! i'm your BIGGEST FAN!! i've been with you since the beginning and i will always love you! i have every cd u have ever made and this song is the best! i love you! bye
Your biggest fan!

Review #689 by dom
Written on Jan 26, 2005 (Read 1275 times)
my sister absolutley loves this song and she kept playin it i hated it at first but its like my fave song now :)

Review #556 by Janine
Written on Jun 3, 2004 (Read 1645 times)
This song was the first song that kinda pulled me in. Mraz takes you on an exciting journey all over the world, but makes it knows that, "Home is where the heart is." Listening to this song over and over again will do nothing more to you than lift your spirits, make you smile, sigh, and say, "Damn Mraz, you've done it again !"

Review #542 by Nathan
Written on May 1, 2004 (Read 1705 times)
I just started listening to mraz and this song is the one that pulled me in.  I love all kinds of music but this song just set the mood of life... a song thats great to jam along to with an acousic guitar and your bestfriend singing or just to chill and listen to.

Review #502 by Alisha
Written on Mar 9, 2004 (Read 1799 times)
I love the lyrics, very clever! I love the scatting and how he kind of ventures into the Remedy. Very creative, classic MRAZ!


Review #500 by justin
Written on Mar 6, 2004 (Read 1809 times)
this deffinatly is one of my favorite songs to cover live ,back home im a mraz impersinator i do the same thing he does just the acoustic except i dont percusion but the people love it and they think i sound just like him so yes my nickname back home is mraz, they especialy like the scary spice line, keep it real jason cant wait to hear the new cd in the fall lookin forward to new material your deffinatly the best.

Review #456 by Amy
Written on Jan 11, 2004 (Read 1902 times)
OMG OMG OMG!!!!  I love him so much!  I especially love this song because its almost 10 minutes long.  The longer his songs are the bigger my smile gets.  I hope he keeps makin' songs like this!!  I LOVE YOU JASON!

Review #407 by atareg
Written on Nov 11, 2003 (Read 1965 times)
One of the most clever songs he's written yet; Jason takes you on a journey, and by the time the song is over, you've traveled the world and settled in San Diego.  "Say, how'd I get this cup of coffee?"

Review #368 by john
Written on Sep 23, 2003 (Read 2029 times)
omg jason if i were gay i'd want you to do me soo hard.. this song is amazing. im playing a medley with this song and the remedy is going to be banging and omg i f$*#ing love you! (squeeling)(yelp)


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