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The E Minor EP In F The E Minor EP In F

Released on
Thursday, October 25, 2001
6. Love Is Real

Review #635 by Rob
Written on Oct 24, 2004 (Read 2052 times)
Whoever says Jason Mraz is a terrible songwriter either has never heard his music or has their head wedged somewhere between their hamstrings and their lower back.  I cigte 0% interest as a prime example, and if you would listen to his CD you would hear lyrical genius with arguably the best male voice in his genre.  And no his genre is not pop.  Just because some people like his songs so much that they're on the radio doesn't mean his pop; I think he's a little different than Jessica Simpson and Marroon 5.

Review #625 by LaUrA
Written on Sep 28, 2004 (Read 2273 times)
the first song i ever heard jason do was "love is real."  i had read about it in a summer of 2002 issue of rolling stone, so i checked it out. regardless of whether or not he covered conor oberst's original "kathy with a k," i still loved it, and that's what originally got me hooked to jason mraz.

i'm just sayin give the guy a chance. i couldn't stand "the remedy" when it was on the radio. trust me, that's NOT why i like jason. stop the hate...and learn to appreciate.

Review #611 by becky
Written on Aug 26, 2004 (Read 2085 times)
you guys get me angry, maybe accept that connor obrest is a passionate person, and i completley respect that, so why dont the angry people realize that jason saw that passion, and simply covered it, not any better, not any worse to me, just different. I do like both versions, although i think you might need to be in the right mood to hear them. And also, the people that know jasons songs well enough to hear his cover of bright eyes, arent generally "faggy girls," those teenies you are refering to, are generally the ones who discovered him off mtv. (not that theres anything wrong with that!)

Review #599 by kevin
Written on Jul 29, 2004 (Read 2057 times)
the thing what you all call "horrible singing" is conor obersts actual emotion and feelings into his songs. ive heard this guy cry in one of his songs and now that shit is real. you cant fuck with Conor Oberst. so if jason mraz is going to cover one of his songs, he should at least keep the name the same, thats breaking that whole copyright law thing. . .jason mraz fucked that song up by turning it into some pop, bull-shit. get the fuck out of here

Review #590 by dan
Written on Jul 21, 2004 (Read 2053 times)
I cant believe alot of you bastards are saying jason mraz is a "pop-wannabe". Jason Mraz is an amazing guitarist and his songs are out of this world. If you actually took the time to listen to some his songs and actually hear the beauty of his voice you would slap yourself. Everyone takes inspiration from people but covering a song is not 'ripping it off'. Covering a song means that you have respect for the original artist and you like his work and he sings it because he is trying to keep the artists work alive. Have any of you seen him live? No. See him live before you critisise. If you still dont like him, fair enough. But give the guy a chance instead of hating.

Review #559 by alex
Written on Jun 3, 2004 (Read 2176 times)
Why is everone so angry on this site? Fact is you should have taken the time you took to write those shitty comments and listened to a few of his songs.

Review #523 by Adam
Written on Apr 13, 2004 (Read 2240 times)
I was extremely disappointed. I absolutely love the song Kathy with a K's song. And then Jason takes it and calls it Love is real? That isnt even a cover, thats practically stealing the damn thing. Especially when it's from a band alot of people haven't heard of, much like when Sheryl Crow stole, the first cut is the deepest. Fact is if you're going to steal a band's song or cover it, make sure it isn't an amazing band such as bright eyes. P.S. Jason, you're a horrible songwriter, which is probably why you stole a genius' work.

Review #466 by Billy
Written on Jan 27, 2004 (Read 1948 times)
no seriously whoever you people are yo think that the original is better are crazy that guy conner is a horrible singer.....he is only too lucky to have someone with such a beautiful voice as jason mraz be willing to sing one of his wretched songs........(half of this is just to piss you guys off the other half is the truth!)

Review #460 by drew
Written on Jan 21, 2004 (Read 1772 times)
anywhoo.....we can all undrestand that the song is great.....either connor worte a great song and sung it beautifully, or jason mraz sang a not so good song and made it better. which ever side your on....who cares....bright eyes is one hell of a musician, writer and preformer, as is jason....two compleatly different styles, and one did a cover of another....i dont think jason is trying to steal a bright eyes song, he liked it and played it. i play jason mraz songs....and bright eyes songs all the time....just cause there fun. i mean christ.

Review #400 by Laura Laurent
Written on Nov 6, 2003 (Read 1805 times)
I really don't like to hate people, but I sort of hate Jason Mraz right now.  I'm sure he's great and all, but the real song is ten times better.  I agree with all of you to a certain extent, except for the person who said that the original sucked.  Sorry, you are wrong.  The original is the best, because there is so much heartwrenching passion in it.  YOu're right, he does sound like he's crying, and maybe he is, but that's what makes the song beautiful.  I'll try to learn to like this guy, but it makes me sad to think that there will be whole bunch of people running around singing that song, not knowing about the wonderful artist that did it first.


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