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The E Minor EP In F The E Minor EP In F

Released on
Thursday, October 25, 2001
4. Galaxy

Review #1105 by mrazfan
Written on Feb 2, 2007 (Read 253 times)
I love galaxy! it's great, i love the metaphors and the way it sounds. it can change my whole day around. fantastic!

Review #830 by Yoseffa
Written on Jul 31, 2005 (Read 435 times)
Beautiful tune. I love its mix of scatti-ness, and yet mystical beauty and poetry at the same time. Neeto! Very pretty. :) ;) :D

Review #490 by Hannah
Written on Feb 26, 2004 (Read 808 times)
Another truly beautiful song from the wonderful Mraz, such amazing music and lyrics combined, the way he literally sighs "i'm feeling happy FINALLY" its just so easy to relate to. I love the mixed imagery of his lover and the stars, and the way love sets him free. Listening to this i can imagine him, or me, dancing around in the sky because finally freedom has arrived in the shape of love...

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