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The Rythm Cafe Live #2 The Rythm Cafe Live #2

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September, 2000
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Review #692 by kristen
Written on Jan 30, 2005 (Read 1424 times)
I know everyone has already said this, but...
if i knew all the words i would write myself out of here if i had all the colors i would paint you pretty in gold, in a picture so i'm told little sister, now i'm sold, little sister, why don't you tell me about the sunsets in sweden and the laws of eden and how you were the rock of gibraltar, and how they called you foxy...

well jason i know all the words, at least to this song, and halfway home (your best two, ever) peace.

Review #684 by Max
Written on Jan 20, 2005 (Read 1433 times)
Amen. I think this is Jasons most moving song, and I think he knows it too. I love the line, "oh the road's unencumbered by cats, they're burning like wet matches through my mircale mile mind..." - I really love this guys lyrics... and There is just so much emotion in the part where he starts "Why don't you tell me about the sunsets in Sweden...". The spanish is a nice touch too... He really sings from the heart, and presents a masterpeice the listener can really relate to.

Review #403 by mike
Written on Nov 7, 2003 (Read 1937 times)
If I was all the colors I would paint you pretty in gold  In a picture so I'm told little sister So now I'm sold little sister Why don't you tell me about the sunsets in sweden And the laws of eden And how you were the rock of gibraltar And how they called you foxy
i mean thats like the best parat of the song i think bout that line an it takes all my worrys away from me this is 1 of his best songs ever

Review #344 by DJ
Written on Aug 27, 2003 (Read 1983 times)
i couldnt agree more with all the people who reviewed this song =) this is probly one of Jason Mraz's best song =) .....i like the part where he's like let's sing it in spanish....lolz.....*sings* mi casa en el medio de la calle.....hahahahahha...this line alwayz put a smile on my face everytime i hear it......GOOOD JOB JAY!!!

Review #260 by Melissa
Written on Jun 17, 2003 (Read 2032 times)
So amazing!  My best friend and I listen to this song all the time.  We went to South Padre Island two weeks ago and this was the only song we listened to down there!  Everyone we met down there heard the song at least once or at least heard us singing it.  Anytime I get upset with my boyfriend he just says "In spanish" (from the live at Java Joes version... which is the best) and I just laugh and can't stay mad at him... kinda said I know!  Seriously though... wonderful song!

Review #206 by Wolf
Written on May 24, 2003 (Read 2054 times)
I wanted to learn how to play the guitar when I first heard this and even now. He opened with it in concert and I about had a heart attack. Rhoelle who reviewed this before I did quoted the exact line that gives me chills. There is so much story and an amazing painted picture in my mind when I hear this song. I think any female who listens to it... thinks she's "foxy" in the song. A brilliantly done song that I wish one day would meet the radio so everyone could enjoy this. I know so many people would love it as much as I do.

Review #40 by Rhoelle
Written on Sep 22, 2002 (Read 2216 times)
This is absolutely amaazing.  honestly, i didn't know i could feel so much out of a song. presents his voice beautifully as well.  what cheeeezzz am i!!! oh man,

"Why don't you tell me about the sunsets in sweden
And the laws of eden
And how you were the rock of gibraltar
And how they called you foxy"

sighs and sighs....

i just repeat it in my mind all day and everything's ok.  

much love,

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