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Jason Mraz 'Live' Jason Mraz 'Live'
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Released on
Thursday, August 30, 2001
11. Conversation With Myself

Review #995 by Bill
Written on Feb 9, 2006 (Read 463 times)
hahaha..apparently no one knows what this song is really about or there would be more reviews i'm sure. It's about masturbation. i actually didnt know this either until i read it on a lyric sight. read the lyrics..it will all come together hahah

Review #994 by Rob
Written on Feb 7, 2006 (Read 464 times)
This is hand's down one of the best songs i've heard in my life, and the first reviewer is right..the music is great and this is one talented man.

Review #734 by Chazzy
Written on Apr 11, 2005 (Read 488 times)
Why has no one entered a review for this song???The harmony is soo cool on this song at the beginning. Its soo funny how he puts blow up doll in the song. The way he uses lyrics is so amazing and the music is just sooo great. I like how on this cd you can hear the audiences reaction and I love his jokes that are incorporated in each song especially this one!

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