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Released on
Thursday, August 30, 2001
10. After An Afternoon

Review #207 by phil
Written on May 25, 2003 (Read 914 times)
ok, i'll admit it. after an afternoon is one of my favorite songs. I think anyone would get goosebumps listening to Mraz painting the picture of the perfect female. Strangly enough, this song makes me somewhat sad almost like the song is about an ex. who knows..theres a guy review how bout that

Review #205 by Stephanie
Written on May 24, 2003 (Read 915 times)
This song is pure poetry. It is beautiful and has a gorgeous image, of what it's like to be in love. Notice the women who have reviewed the song love it, but where are the guys. I know there is a guy out there who loves a love song by Jason. This was brilliant and this makes my day when I hear it, and I think maybe I will be in love again when I get out of college... beautiful Jason, beautifully done.

Review #184 by Sarah
Written on May 16, 2003 (Read 908 times)
this song makes me feel all worm and mushy inside i love it. i am one of those people who loves to be in love and this song reminds me of that.

Review #175 by Rachel
Written on May 11, 2003 (Read 695 times)
He so reminds me of James Taylor.  Kind of like a mix between James Taylor and John Mayer, especially in this song.  It's pretty good though.

Review #123 by Erica
Written on Mar 29, 2003 (Read 737 times)
Oh wow. This is song is so beautiful. I can really feel it inside, you know? The softness and the beauty is amazing. I would like to marry this song.

Review #110 by Mon
Written on Mar 9, 2003 (Read 755 times)
i listened to this song the first day my boyfriend and i started dating and it made me cry. Jason Mraz is really a great artist and i dont know what i would do without him or his songs (especially this one)because they touch my soul...

Review #35 by Patti
Written on Aug 21, 2002 (Read 875 times)
this song just makes me feel so beautiful and happy


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