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Released on
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
8. Plane

Review #1178 by ajoy
Written on Mar 24, 2010 (Read 489 times)
i love jason!!

Review #1132 by Miriam
Written on Mar 14, 2008 (Read 526 times)
The first time i listened to the song, i wasn't too sure about it.  but then some of it was stuck in my head so i listened to it again and now i love it! i love the way how every single word in every one of his songs is perfect, always new meanings and interpretations every time i listen. and every song references other songs, i love that too, because it makes me feel like i have a secret or an inside joke or something.  this song makes me think of leaving my brazilian buddies behind :( i love how jason doesnt really do anything specific.  people are like "well, what kind of music does he do?" and i can't really answer.  he has his own style, and he does a little bit of everything.  i love that. he's very creative, way more talented than a lot of pop artists that they play all the time.

Review #1124 by Kailtynn Fisher
Written on Nov 16, 2007 (Read 544 times)
this is my all time favorite song. if i could only pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life it would be this one. this song just never gets old. heck neither does jason

Review #1118 by Izza
Written on Jun 12, 2007 (Read 583 times)
This is such a haunting song..i love it to the core. He's telling his story and at the same time telling the story of someone else..

How the hell does he do it? Damn..

Review #1110 by isidro
Written on Mar 7, 2007 (Read 611 times)
Love it... I'm a flight attendant and it seems to have to do with being on the road a lot. The feelings of guilt about leaving loved ones to fly and be away is stressful. He's the greatest.

Review #1109 by Heather Dahlin
Written on Mar 7, 2007 (Read 612 times)
This is one of the best songs Ive ever heard in my life.  I love it beginning to end.  Every word and note is pretty much perfect.  I could listen to this a million billion times and never get sick of hearing it.  Thats true of most of Jasons songs, but especially this one.  xoxo I love you Jason!

Review #1095 by Morph
Written on Nov 22, 2006 (Read 658 times)
Its a beautiful and very sad song including so much feeling. When I listening to this song I fly to the air and feel like a single boy.

Review #1061 by fabRiez
Written on May 28, 2006 (Read 776 times)
There's only one word to describe the song "WONDERFUL". the music and the lyric make me feel as though someone has put an ice inside my body and that makes me feel sad, sad, and sad... anyway, I can hardly find another wonderful song that make me feel like this...

Review #1040 by MrEiB
Written on Apr 13, 2006 (Read 817 times)
Damn!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Review #1025 by skyler
Written on Mar 19, 2006 (Read 869 times)
this is such a catchy song.. jeez how do u connect planes with love. i always listen to this song on my ipod. it's kinda sad too but also awesome!! i love you jason mraz!!


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