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Released on
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
2. Wordplay

Review #1116 by Magda
Written on Apr 24, 2007 (Read 3236 times)
I'm polish and i like Jason Mraz. He's songs is verry cool. Poland to expect contert!!

Review #1064 by audrey kraft
Written on Jun 7, 2006 (Read 3452 times)
Anyone who listens to him will get hooked instantly! He's not only a hotti but a super sexy sensuous shocking smooth song writer with a hint of sophistication! I hope he keeps making songs and keeps making them different because i'm sick of hearing the same stuff. Mraz makes it funky and spunky and thats what i love about him! So keep it up and never let it go limp! check ya later!!!

Review #1031 by maryam
Written on Mar 22, 2006 (Read 3575 times)
Jason Mraz is hot as hell! I love wordplay.

sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me!-

that's the theme of the video wordplay. Caught that on POP inc.
Mraz Mraz all the way! u rock

Review #1011 by Keith
Written on Mar 8, 2006 (Read 3614 times)
I love most of Jason's other songs but this one is a little too backstreet boys.  It kinda doesn't seem like most of his other stuff its too produced for my liking.  I dont mind the lyrics and whatnot its just not my taste.

Review #1002 by Mandiej from holland=D
Written on Feb 21, 2006 (Read 3681 times)
Dit is mijn lievelingsnummer..!! =D

It's my favorit song.

Review #980 by Steve
Written on Jan 17, 2006 (Read 3830 times)
I never heard him till i watched 50 first Dates (im on this site to find more songs by Jason.   It's so original for the time. KEEP it up!

Review #941 by Monkey boy
Written on Nov 2, 2005 (Read 4154 times)
W00T W00T, just got this on my ipod

Review #917 by gennay <3
Written on Oct 27, 2005 (Read 4184 times)
Hehe ! This Song IS Fast !
But Then Again, So Is Jason !:P Lol

This Song = Jason

It's Like, You Listen To It, And Tells You Everything You Need To Know About His Style ! It's Just So Amazing !<3


Review #897 by beb
Written on Oct 13, 2005 (Read 4272 times)
HEY HEY!!! this was a cool song. But i can keep up with how fast you sing. you're awesome man, keep up the good work!

Review #876 by Aaron
Written on Sep 13, 2005 (Read 4456 times)
it is the best song


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