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Released on
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
1. Life is Wonderful

Review #923 by gennay <3
Written on Oct 27, 2005 (Read 1442 times)
This Song Is Beautiful !

His Lyrics Are True, Profound And Just Mezmering !

How Can People *Not* Love Mraz? :P


Review #877 by kyle
Written on Sep 13, 2005 (Read 1787 times)
This song makes me feel so good everytime i listen to it.  When i feel down about something i listen to it and i feel great again. It just makes me realize the goods things in life and makes them all the sweeter.

Review #863 by Mwongeli
Written on Aug 19, 2005 (Read 1998 times)
I love this whole CD. At first when I got it, I was kinda weary of it but now I love it!

Review #853 by az
Written on Aug 10, 2005 (Read 1923 times)
I like the album and the artist but this song is weak.  no other way to put it.  its a bad 1st song for a CD and it is faux deep.

Review #840 by Similans
Written on Aug 1, 2005 (Read 2122 times)
The first track i listened to from his new album and still my favourite. It's so cheerful.I love it!

Review #831 by Kelly
Written on Aug 1, 2005 (Read 1965 times)
Couldn't agree more with the postings already listed on this site! Mraz takes something simple and turns it into something deep and meaningful. That's what music is all about and he's the MASTER of it! Hats off to Jason for ANOTHER unique, yet unbelieveable album!!!

Review #815 by Yoseffa
Written on Jul 31, 2005 (Read 1816 times)
What a lovely song. At first, it took a little while to grow on me- actually, the whole album did. But I've always found this to be a good sign, considering that then I wouldn't enjoy it immensely at first and then get sick of it too quickly. It's better for me to ease into the goodness of its music slowly.

Anyway... Yes, this song totally rocks. It's simple, it's sweet, it's true, and it really does make you think- even through its simplicity. I LOVE stuff like that. :) I love lines like "It takes some old to make you young", "it takes some cold to feel the sun".... Such a happy song. To me, it kind of says what I've been saying all along... That if it weren't for the less-than-pleasant stuff, than there wouldn't be the lovelier things in life. You need some contrast or else it would all be just bland. Brilliant. ;) :D

Review #813 by Holly
Written on Jul 31, 2005 (Read 1707 times)
Twas Tuesday, July 26th 2005, I get out of Target after buying my CD in pure childish ecstasy, and pop it in the CD player, and BLAST IT.  And the moment this begins, I say to my mom who is driving, "Yes... yes I am still in love with Jason Mraz"  An amazing song with his lovely and unique style that makes me melt.

Review #809 by Jason
Written on Jul 30, 2005 (Read 1535 times)
I am not like the rest of people that you will see on this site. yes i am a fan but will tell it how it is. a true music critic. first off, i truly enjoy his writeing style.It stands out with some of the best like John Mayer. the words he uses are well delivered and fit together like a good shirt.

Review #807 by Lou
Written on Jul 30, 2005 (Read 1456 times)
I love this song sooooooo freakin much. It holds so much meaning to me. I too think life is wonderful and it's nice that Jason put in into words. He is soooo great. He was at my school in April (2005) and sang some songs off his new album and totally blew me away with his vocal ability. One of the best vocalists by far, to me anyway. Jason if you ever read this come back to IUP please.


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