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Waiting For My Rocket To Come Waiting For My Rocket To Come
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Released on
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
5. Curbside Prophet
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    by Jason Mraz
        Transcribed by Joseph Wheeler (wheeler66@hotmail.com)

*I’m just a Curbside Prophet
with my hand in my pocket 
and I’m waiting for my rocket:
 to come/y’all

You see it started way back in NYC
When I stole my first file from the MIC
At ‘a West End Avenue at 63
It’s a beginning of a leap year February ‘96
play the guitar picked it up in the mix
I committed to the licks like a nickel bag ‘o tricks

Look at me now
Look at me now
Look at me now now now now

I’m just a curbside…*(Repeat)

Well then you never da never da guess what I been been been
And I have no regrets that I bet my whole checking account
Because it all amounts to nothing up in the end
Well you can only count that “On The Road Again”
Will soon be on my radio dial
And I’ll be paying close attention to the Willie Nelson style
Like a a band of gypsies on the highway wild
As I’m a one-man mission on the Califoria Skyline Drive
Up the coast I brag and I boast 
because I’m picking up a pace that make you tire like “Space Ghost”
Raising a toast to the highway patrol with the most
But my cruise control’s  on coast
Cause I’m tourin’ around the nation on extended vacation
See I got Elsa the dog who sees my limitation
I say , “ I like your style…crazy pound pup!  
You need to ride? Well come on girl, hop in the truck!”

With your Curbside Prophet…*(Repeat)

See I’m a down-home brother red-neck undercover
With my guitar here I’m ready to play
And I’m a sucker for a Philly got a na-tur-al ability
Geared to free-style look at my flexibility
Dangerous on the MIC 
My ghetto has cocked fight
All the ladies say…
“Yo that kid is crazy!”
We got the backstage Bettys takin’ more than they can get They say, 
“What’s up with M-R-A-Z?”
**Hey hey hey hey hey 
Somethin’s different in the world today
Well they changed my traffic signs to a brighter yellow**(repeat)

I’m just a Curbside Prophet  (Repeat)

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