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    by Jewel Kilcher
        Tabbed by Jeffrey Kokosinski

Main part  D-C
You can figure the picking I'm sure, but there is action on the chords from
Dsus2-D  and C-Cmaj7-C9

xx0230-xx0232   x32010--x32000--x32030
That hammeron pull off thing is cmaj7-c hammering on the G string at the
first fret and then off.  In notation
Mind you there are bass notes , but they just come in standard picking form
along with the previous line up top which is the melody

The chorus is in standard picking 
(F)Knew that (G)They would be
(C)Sticking (C/B) round (Am) a while 
might as well (G)try cause there's (F) no point in being (G) mean
(F) guess that just (G) what you get (F)when you (G) forget to (C) dream<with
the melody line up top>

to end 
(F)Ps (G) I love you your sister (C) jewel <with hammer on pull off melody>

C/B: x022010 or x20010

The End
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