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Leave The Lights On

Leave The Lights On
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

This song actually sounds good acoustic.  I'm positive these chords are right
just listen to the song to get the rhythm and timing.  Also, it sounds kinda
cool to play Em7 (022030) in the transition from Em-A7.

Leave the Lights On
(capo 3)
       EADGBE         EADGBE
Em     022000	A7    X02020
C      X32010   G/B   X20003
G      320003	Am    X02210
D7sus  XX0213	C7    X32000
B7     X21202

Em               A7
I like your smile
C                       Em 
Don't like complication
Em               A7
I like your style 
C               G/B
Don't like calculation
Em                A7     C
Come towards me, dear 
Em                          A7
There's something u need 2 hear

C G/B  Em
I said If u want my love
U can try my love
U can't buy my love 
      C        D7sus
Just take my hand 
Em                 G
If u want me, dear 
Then just beckon, dear
And I will appear
D7sus  Em      G           C7    Em
I said-u can leave the lights on 
Em      G           C7     Em B7 Em
U can leave the lights on

I believe in love, dear
Without limitation 
Believe in being clear
2 avoid aggravation 
If u want me 2 
I will exist just for u

I will mesmerize with milky thighs and languid eyes, I'll prophesize your moans and sighs
Just look at me sacredly, religiously, hungrily, let your eyes say, "Please," I will not leave 


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