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Doin Fine

Doin Fine 
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

This is definitely not an acoustic song-  But these are the right chords
to play, you just have to listen to the song to get the rhythm.

Doin' Fine
(capo 2)
     EADGBE          EADGBE
C    X32010	F7   131211
Dm   XX0231	Em   022000
F2   XX3210	Am   X02210
G/B  X20003	F/A  XX3211
G7   320001	C/B  xx2013
F7   C F7 C         F7  C       F7
We are    what everyone wants 2 be
We are young
And carefree
F2                  Am               
Life's a breeze for people
            C  F7-C-F7-C
Like u and me
F7      C F7
If u look 
C         F7       C      F7
Life lays out just like a road 
Dm            Em
It's for us 2 grab ahold
F2                      F/A     G7
There's no one that can tell us no

So come on, baby
Let's just have fun
      Am7                F2
Let's breathe stardust into our lungs 
      C                    C/B
Let's drive too fast let's go too far
When our hearts bleed it lets us 
F2           Am    Dm
Know we are-alive
    Am       Dm       C   F7-C-F7
And that we are-doin' fine

We lay down
Look at the sky
From upside down
There's nobody we have 2 be
Let's live fast and see where it leads

Let's get lost
In love like wine
Let kisses quench
     C         C/B
This thirst of mine
Am              Em
Let me feel the weight of your skin
F2       F/A
Pressing in


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