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Break Me

Break Me   
    by Jewel Kiilcher
        Transcription by Geoff Brooks (

G6           G6/F#
I will meet you  

G/B           C(9)
In some place

Where the light lends it self to 
    (same chords for a while)
Soft repose 

I will Let you
 undress me

But I warn you
I have thorns like any rose

And you could hurt me
With your bare hands

You could hurt me using the sharp
End of what you say

But I’m lost to you now
There’s no amount of reason

G/B        Dsus2
To save me


C               D
So break me

G           Em
Take me

         C        D                      G
Just let me fill your arms again

Break me, take me,
Just let me feel your love-……

(go back to VERSE chord progression)

G6         G6/F#…..etc.

Feels like being
Now that I’ve 
Let go
And lost control

Water Kisses
Fill me mouth
Water, oh
Water fills my soul



Kiss me once, well

Maybe twice

C                  D
Oh it never Felt so nice

Break me, take me
Just let me fill your love again
Break me, ooh I’ll let you make me
Just let me fill your arms again

Repeat chorus 

        C        D
Just let me feel your love 
G6     G6/F#    G/B    C(9)


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