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Sometimes It Be That Way

Sometimes it Be That Way 
    by Jewel KilcherJewel  (Capo 2nd Fret)
         Fixed up a bit by Zoë, using existing transcriptions 
         from this site and the song itself

[G] Night with its shattered teeth [D] attempts to speak
My pen is [C] present but courage left [G] via the sink
And I'm [G] sorry I snuck up on you [D] from behind
I'm [C] sorry not all my love [G] letters did rhyme
And I'm [D] sorry that Jesus died [G] for my sins
And I [D] swear to God it won't [G] happen again
And I'm [D] sorry if it was my swerve that tempted you to [C] sway
Oh [D] well, sometimes it be that [G] way

And [G] Romeo was a [D] very nice man
He said [C] "Jewel, I don't think you [G] quite understand"
And I'm [G] sorry if you had to [D] explain it like this
I'm [C] sorry I was a point you were [G] destined to miss

And I'm [D] sorry I spoke to you [G] irreverently
[D] Down in the hollow by the old [G] olive tree
And I'm [D] sorry if my heart breaking ruined your [C] day 
Oh [D] well, sometimes it be that [G] way

I said [D] "Oh [A] well, I got [G] nothing left to sell
This [D] love was a [A] bell that rang un[G]heard in the air
I was [D] bound to find [A] out that you [G] didn't care
[G]Said Oh [A] well, sometimes it be that [D]way,  Yah-ahh[D hammer]

And [G] Aphrodite with her [D] neon lamp
[C] Kissed Neptune they put her [G] face on a stamp
And I'm [G] sorry I used it to mail a [D] letter to you
I'm [C] sorry I'm glue and the rest [G] bounces off of you
And I'm [D] sorry not even this jet's [G] metal wings
Could [D] get across these [G] simple things
And I'm [D] sorry if I ever sang your name in [C] vain
Oh [D] well, sometimes it be that [G] way


Now [G] flame licks the air with its [D] silver tongue
[C] Night has many hands but [G] I have just one
And I'm [G] sorry I walked in on you [D] unexpectedly
I'm [C] sorry I didn’t served you both [G] Camomile tea
And I'm [D] sorry I didn't always have a [G] match
That could [D] start a fire big enough for your [G] heart to catch
And I'm [D] sorry if my swerve tempted you to [C] sway
[C] Oh [D] well, sometimes it be that [G] way


[G]Said Oh [A] well, sometimes it be that [D]way

Hammer On/Offs [throughout entire song – listen to where they are]
C: 032010 to 032030
D: XX0232 to XX0233
And occasionally, G: 300033 to 320033 or: 020033 to 320033

Chords: G: 320033  C: 032010  D: X00232  A: X02220
Tabbed by Jeff Kokosinski

This way might be easier.  I can tell you the chords and whatever and you
watch the video to get where they go. How's that?  If you doon't have the
video let me know.  I'll have it down @ school by tomorrow and I'll write it
all out.
The basic chords are G:320033
Very important when using these chords, to get them to sound like her you
MUST MUST MUST use hammer ons and offs.  On the C she hammers on from 
032010 to 032030 form D she does xx0232 to xx0233 and occaisionally on the G
she'll hammer from 300033 to 320033 or hammer 020033 to 320033
(G)Night with it shattered teeth (D)attempts to speak (C)my prince is present
but courage left (G)via the sink I'm sorry I snuck up on you (D) from behind,
(C)Sorry not all my love (G) letter did arrive (D) I'm sorry that jesus died
(G) for my sins and i (D) swear to god it wont be (G) happening again and Im
sorry if my D) swerve tempted you to (C) swayayayay (G) whoa (C)sometimes it
be that (G with hammeron) way
(D)Oh (A) wellive got (G) nothin left to share this (D) love was a (A) velvet
ring? (G) unherd in the air (D)I was bound to find (A) out that you (G) didnt
I know the lyrics are shaky,  I don't know why I cant remember them now. 
I'll watch the video again, because I am a bit suspect about a couple of the
progressions I gave you.  Dont forg


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