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Angel (aka Fly To Me Angel / Cowby Waltz)
    Performed by Jewel Kilcher
        Transcribed by cymbaline

Intro: D  G  D

      D                  G   D
Oh my angel, sweet sweet angel

            A                     D
Come to me swiftly, its night so still

                                               G   D
The dawn does come swiftly, I've been gone so long

Your face is so lovely, it keeps my faith strong

              D                         G   D
My hands are unsteady, I'm so far from home

Just tell me, angel, I'm never alone

              D                 G   D
Lay with me angel, speak not a word

Your body's so slender, like wings of a bird

             D                       G   D
Fly from me angel, you see dawn's a come

                  A                        D
I'll be with you angel, on the wings of a song

D   G   D   G   D   A  G  D


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