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Silver Lining

Silver Lining
    by Jewel Kilcher and Steve Poltz
        Tabbed by Sarah Merritt

D7                                             D
Muffins are in the toaster, I got my raspberry jam
D7                                             D
My grandfather was a sailor that came onto this land
He was looking for gold, a pretty hand to hold,

or some cards to fold, at least that's what I been told

Ch:Silver Lining
G                                         D7    D
Silver Lining, where'd you go?

I turn on my tv, they got talking heads in space
It used to be so easy to have a little faith
I used to rely on luck to earn an honest buck
I didn't feel so stuck, or limp around like John Kruk.


Br: I used to have hope
Now we got soap on a rope
Used to have dreams
Now we got overpaid baseball teams

We got grocery baggers, graffitti taggers, golfball shaggers
Go team go!


The landlord knocks upon my door, he's got that payday face
I swear to god he should be paying me to live inside this place
Its filled with sharks and fins whose double chins say
Thicken your skin, child, if you wanna win


I fix myself some herbal tea, cause its healthier they say
Well healthier ain't half as fun, I'd take a cold beer any day
I used to have dysfunctional fun in the cancerous sun 
with my codependant hon, eating greasy, greasy hotdogs on a 
buttered up bun


Scat solo (same chords as verses)



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